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What You Can Expect from Boiler Maintenance or Repair Services
July 26, 2022 at 5:00 AM
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Boilers are an important investment for facilities and business owners. Regular maintenance service for your boiler will keep it functioning properly, and reduce the risk of issues later on.

How Does a Boiler Work?

A boiler provides central heating for an industrial facility or commercial building. By heating water to produce steam, a boiler system uses steam to heat and maintain inside temperatures.

As you can imagine, a functioning boiler plays a big role in the comfort of your facility. While boilers typically have long lifespans of 15 to 25 years, they aren’t immune to issues. But taking extra care to maintain your boiler system will ensure it continues running for years to come.

Preventative maintenance also helps you detect and resolve potential issues your boiler has before the unit stops working completely. Saving you both time, money, and stress.

Types of Boilers

Different types of boilers have varying efficiency ratings, as well as methods for heating water to produce steam. Boilers can be powered either by gas, electricity, or coal.

  • Firetube boilers: good for smaller facilities that don’t need high-pressure steam.
  • Watertube boilers: efficient, but high upfront costs. Ideal for facilities that require high-pressure steam.
  • Commercial electric boilers: use electrical power to run instead of combustion energy.
  • Condensing boilers: extremely efficient — great for both residential homes and commercial buildings.
  • Vertical boilers: aligned vertically and can fit in small spaces.

Preventative Boiler Maintenance Services

Regular preventative maintenance on your boiler will eliminate high energy bills, keep certain boilers under warranty, save costs on expensive repairs or replacements, and can even save lives. Basically, investing in maintenance boiler services will help save you money later on while avoiding downtime and also ensuring the highest standard of safety for your facility.

Here are common maintenance services a technician will perform on a boiler:

  • Boiler retubing: Boilers have systems of tubes that transfer and combust gas and water. Our technicians will inspect your boiler tubes for proper functioning, and re-tube the boiler as needed.
  • Breeching pipe: The breeching pipe is the exhaust duct that travels from your furnace, boiler or water heater to the stack or chimney. When a breeching pipe is destroyed, it can potentially leak exhaust too close to combustible materials.
  • Mudleg repair: Poor water circulation can cause a boiler mud leg to corrode, risking the integrity of your boiler. During routine maintenance, your boiler’s mud leg will be inspected for damage or wear.
  • Staybolts: Staybolts support boilerplates and allow free water circulation throughout the system. Staybolts should be checked often and replaced as needed to ensure the proper function of your boiler.

Why You Should Service Your Boiler with Caldwell Mechanical

We offer our clients a Boiler Preventive Maintenance Agreement that helps resolve any issue your boiler could face before the entire system stops working completely. In addition, we can overhaul boiler systems, replace a boiler with a new unit, as well as safely clean boiler tubes.

What’s more, we offer assistance with boiler plant design to help you experience the most efficient system possible.

Additionally, you’ll experience these benefits by regularly maintaining your boiler:

  • Insurance coverage: Both boiler warranties and insurance policies require a certain amount of maintenance to be completed on your boiler to ensure safe use. Most commonly, insurance companies require annual inspections.
  • Legal obligation: If you’re a landlord or business owner, Texas and Oklahoma have laws and regulations in place for the safe operation of a boiler system. Maintaining your unit will help you avoid any compliance issues.

If you’re ready to service your boiler, install a new one, or overhaul your current unit, reach out to Caldwell Mechanical for a free quote on our boiler services.

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