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5 signs you need AC repair in Mustang, OK
December 14, 2021 at 7:00 AM
5 signs you need AC repair in Mustang, OK

Having an air conditioner unit that doesn’t work can be frustrating and uncomfortable. It’s best to address a problem early before you have more significant problems that are costly and extensive repairs. At Caldwell Mechanical Services, we can help you identify minor issues before they become major ones with five signs you need AC repair in Mustang, OK.

It’s blowing warm air

Your air conditioner should be blowing cold air. It doesn’t matter if it’s 105 or five degrees outside; you should have cold air flowing out of your AC unit. Warm air coming from your unit is a sign that you likely need a refill of refrigerant, which is a relatively quick and easy fix that doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

If the problem extends beyond refrigerant, you could have frozen AC coils. When your AC coils freeze, it’s often a simple fix but can still point to a larger problem that needs to be resolved to prevent it from happening again.

Your home is humid

It’s normal for your house to dry out when running your AC. As cool air passes over the coils in your AC unit, it draws moisture out of the air then blows that dry air into your home. Even if you’re still getting cool air in your house, an increase in humidity can signify that you have a problem that needs repair.

It’s making unusual sounds

It’s not uncommon for an AC unit to be loud when it runs. Some can almost be problematic. However, you might notice at some point that unusual noises are coming from the unit as it turns on and off or even while it’s running. It’s important that you don’t write off these strange sounds like something that will remedy itself because they could get worse. Call a technician for AC repair right away, so you don’t run into more severe problems in the future.

There are weird smells

The air coming from your air conditioner shouldn’t have any particular smell. The air should help to create a comfortable environment by regulating the temperature, not create sensory overload by bombarding you with an array of scents. You might notice that your air conditioner is pumping air into your home that smells like something is burning or musty and old. A burning smell could indicate that you have wiring that’s burned out. A musty smell could be a sign that you have mold in your unit, which could affect your family’s health. If the air flowing through your vents into your home has a specific smell, it’s time to get it checked out.

Poor airflow

Air should flow freely through the vents into your home. If you have a problem with your unit or the system as a whole, you might start to notice that the air coming out of your vents isn’t flowing as strongly as it once was. A number of things can cause poor airflow. One could be that your unit is failing as it’s not pushing the air as strong. It could also be a sign that you have a blockage somewhere in the HVAC system.

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