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Questions to ask before air conditioning repair service in Edmond, OK
November 9, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Questions to ask before air conditioning repair service in Edmond, OK

It’s not uncommon to get the feeling of a deer in headlights when someone asks you if you have any questions about something that you don’t know anything about. This can be anything from a new car that you’re looking to buy or your air conditioning unit. At Caldwell Mechanical Services, we understand that not everyone is an expert regarding air conditioning repair in Edmond, OK, so we put together a few questions to help you get started with your HVAC technician. This should help get the gears turning so you don’t miss anything that you might want to address with your AC unit.

Can you evaluate my ductwork?

The state of your ductwork will play a significant role in the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. If you have leaks here and there because the ducts have been banged up by rodents in your crawl space or by previous work that’s been done, they’re going to need to be addressed. This can make it difficult for your AC unit to maintain temperature during the summer months because air is escaping the ducts before it reaches the inside of your home. Have your HVAC tech look at your ducts while performing any AC repair so you can make sure it’s up and running at optimum performance.

How can I improve my home’s air quality?

The air quality in your home can set the tone of the environment. Even if you can’t see the amount of dust, allergens, or pathogens that are coming in through your vents, you can certainly feel it. Your family will suffer from more severe allergies that are out of season or illnesses will seem to circulate relentlessly throughout your family. You can have your ducts cleaned, have an air purifier installed, or do something as small as replacing your air filter to help. An HVAC technician can provide you with recommendations to help with your home’s air quality.

How often should I have maintenance performed?

It doesn’t matter if it’s your air conditioner or your furnace, your HVAC system is crucial to maintaining a comfortable climate in your home. You don’t want either to go out when you need them most so it’s important to have regular maintenance performed to ensure that your AC unit is ready to go once warm weather hits and your heater is performing properly as the temperature drops. Often, an annual maintenance check is sufficient to ensure that your system is running well so you’re prepared for the change in seasons.

Should I upgrade my system?

Older air conditioning units use a refrigerant called freon. This has been banned since 2020 and is now difficult to get. If you have an older AC unit that uses freon, it’s a good idea to get prepared to replace your unit altogether because freon can now only come from recovered sources and is increasingly expensive as availability drops. If you currently have a unit that uses Puron instead, you should be set for a while without having to worry about upgrading.

Can I get a free estimate?

It’s become standard for an HVAC technician to provide you with a free estimate regarding service and repairs for your air conditioning unit. Don’t be afraid to ask if the consultation and estimate are free because the answer should be yes. If it’s not, you can easily find another company to come to look at your unit.

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