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Signs Your Oklahoma HVAC Cooling Tower Needs Repair
March 25, 2022 at 5:00 AM
Oklahoma City

There are few experiences worse than entering your commercial building or waking up in your home during an Oklahoma summer to feel a mugginess on the air. From June to early September, Oklahoma heat is at its peak. The air is already so humid, that you can step outside your door for just a minute and already feel sticky.

That’s why during the summer we rely on our HVAC systems to keep our homes and buildings comfortable. Ceiling fans and portable fans can help, but nothing beats a well-functioning air conditioner.

And if you find yourself with a non-working air conditioner, the issue may lie with your cooling tower. If you’re in Oklahoma, here are the signs your cooling tower needs repair.

AC Not Turning On

The most obvious sign of something amiss with your HVAC system is when it simply won't turn on. The air in your building or home will feel uncomfortable. Again, if it's summer, it will probably feel quite warm.

So if you go outside and the fan blades aren’t turning, and it doesn’t sound like the unit is on at all, there could be several possibilities for its disfunction. If your HVAC system has a cooling tower, that could be the main source. Water towers are often neglected parts of a building’s HVAC because the tower often sits on the roof and isn’t easily accessible.

Increase in Energy Bills

If your energy bills suddenly spike, regardless of the weather outside, your building’s cooling tower may be the culprit. Once a tower passes the 10-year mark, it will likely need repair or replacing, if it's not often maintained.

Preventative maintenance can keep your systems working properly, save you costs on energy, and of course, save you from all the headaches later on when your HVAC stops working all of a sudden. That’s why at Caldwell Mechanical, we stress the importance of routine HVAC maintenance. Especially if your building has a cooling tower.

Unusual Sounds from System

Strange, loud sounds coming from your HVAC system are never a good sign. If you start hearing a noise, and your HVAC system begins behaving strangely, (turning off and on quickly, running longer than usual, blowing warm air) there’s a good chance your cooling tower, or another part of your system needs to be looked at.

Bad Odors

This sign may even be worse than a system that doesn’t work at all. If you start to notice foul odors coming from your building's vents, your cooling tower could be part of the issue. Cooling towers are entry points for outside contaminants.

What can go wrong with a cooling tower?

It's good to be aware of the obvious signs that your HVAC or cooling tower need attention. But it's also helpful to know what issues can arise to begin with.

Calcium Buildups

Cooling tower HVACs use water for cooling. Therefore, they’re prone to calcium buildup. And while you can often clean the tower to remove the calcium, if the tower has been neglected, it may require a full replacement.

Fill Packs

Cooling towers need even water displacement to function optimally. If the fill that’s inside the tower starts to warp, the water distribution suffers and the unit may need more power to operate.

Caldwell Mechanical: Keep Your Cooling Tower Functioning Year-Round

In just a few short months, summer will be in Oklahoma once again. Why not be proactive with your HVAC maintenance and get your unit inspected by professionals? We offer repairs, replacements, and maintenance services for both commercial and residential units. Let our team of experts keep your HVAC running cool, and your energy bill low.

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