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How to choose a heating and cooling system for your home
November 21, 2022 at 10:00 PM
Image of a house where someone needed help with how to choose a heating and cooling system in Texas or Oklahoma.

As unpredictable weather becomes the norm, having a versatile, reliable heating and cooling system is more important than ever. Identifying your home’s biggest needs is crucial, whether you’re replacing or upgrading your current system. Once you’ve chosen a heating and cooling system, you also need to establish a regular maintenance schedule. When you get your HVAC inspected by a professional, you’ll maintain the warranty and ensure that it works when you need it.

Here are some tips for how to choose a heating a cooling system for your home.

What are the different HVAC systems?

There’s not just one device for heating and cooling, and picking the right system for your home depends on your budget and needs.

  • Packaged: A specialized HVAC unit, packaged systems are installed inside the home, either in an attic, basement, or crawl space. Both heating and cooling are contained in a single unit, but because the cooling function is more powerful than heating, they are usually more prevalent in warmer climates.
  • Hybrid: Homeowners can switch between gas and electric heat, which can help to mitigate climate control costs. During periods of mild cold, electric heat is usually sufficient, but gas heats swiftly and efficiently during cold snaps.
  • Duct-free: One of the more expensive heating and cooling systems involves individual units for every room. It enables greater versatility but is disruptive and involved to install, so it is usually only chosen for new-construction homes.
  • Split: These systems have two separate (or split) units, one outside for cooling and another inside for heating. They’re the most versatile because they don’t have any specific environmental requirements for installation.

When you schedule a consultation with an HVAC professional, they’ll evaluate your property and discuss your unique needs to assess which system will meet them.

What considerations are there for choosing a heating and cooling system?

There are a lot of different aspects of heating and cooling, and it's up to personal preference to determine the order of importance. While the price may be the biggest concern for some, capacity and performance may be more critical for others. Here are just a few of the things to keep in mind when shopping for a new HVAC system.

  • Price: Going with the cheapest option may cost you in the long run, with frequent repairs and ski-high energy costs. Low-cost heating and cooling systems may also need to be replaced sooner than their more expensive counterparts.
  • Noise: There’s no such thing as a completely silent HVAC, but depending on where the unit is located, the sound may be more or less disruptive. A professional can help give you an idea of the relative noisiness of different systems.
  • Maintenance: Every HVAC should have a regular maintenance schedule to ensure it’s operating normally and prevent costly repairs down the road. However, some systems require more involved maintenance appointments than others, which may be a consideration for some.
  • Air quality: Some systems can purify the air as they adjust the temperature. With variations in air quality, an HVAC with a UV light can improve the interior air quality of your home.

It can be overwhelming for homeowners to compare and choose a unit that will work for their needs and home. Finding an HVAC specialist who will work with you as a partner ensures you get the right heating and cooling system for your property.

Caldwell Mechanical Services helps residential and commercial clients choose heating and cooling systems.

Our top priority isn’t selling HVAC systems but building relationships with our clients. That’s why we’re trusted across Texas and Oklahoma for the maintenance, repair, and replacement of heating and cooling systems. We bring over 100 years of experience to our clients, developing customized solutions for any building or facility. After a thorough consultation, we’ll provide insight for developing a maintenance schedule, executing repairs, or upgrading your current equipment to improve reliability and performance.

When you’re ready to take control of your climate control with an experienced HVAC partner, schedule a consultation with Caldwell Mechanical Services.

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