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When Is It Time for Cooling Tower Repair vs. Replacement
November 7, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Image of an industrial facility where cooling tower repair is important.

Commercial and industrial facilities built in the eighties or nineties likely have infrastructure operating with declining efficiency. Depending on when you purchased your building and the maintenance schedule for the HVAC system, your cooling towers may be ready for repair or, in some cases, replacement.

In general, cooling towers last for 10 to 30 years. Even if your current system was installed a decade ago, it might be worth replacing it because of modern upgrades in the technology that enable cooling towers to run more efficiently––saving you money on climate control costs.

Signs of Cooling Tower Malfunction

It’s easy to put off tower maintenance or replacement when it’s running well, but when your HVAC system begins to malfunction, it can force you to act sooner than you may have planned.

Some of the most common tower malfunctions include:

  • Microbiological deposits create a film on heat transfer surfaces to compromise efficiency
  • Fine particles cause corrosion of internal structures
  • Scaling creates water quality issues and degrades efficiency
  • Cascading water creates foaming, which fans blow out the top of the tower

Once there are signs of a malfunction, you know it’s time to repair or replace it. Implementing a regular maintenance schedule is the best way to catch issues before they damage your system and get forewarning of when your system needs a complete repair.

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Benefits of Cooling Tower Repair

When you have a regular maintenance schedule with an HVAC company you trust, you’re less likely to end up in a situation where your cooling system is shut down for an emergency repair, putting your team and equipment at risk.

Instead, you can prepare for shutdowns and schedule them during times that will be minimally disruptive to your facility. You’ll also get a rough estimate of how long the cooling tower will be down and how long the repair will last.

There are lots of benefits to repairing a cooling tower.

  1. Repair is usually much more affordable than replacement.
  2. Sometimes a simple repair can keep a system in good condition for years.
  3. There is much less downtime with repair compared to replacement.
  4. Depending on the age of your cooling tower, you can upgrade parts to improve efficiency with a repair.

With a trusted HVAC company, you can make informed decisions about when it’s worthwhile to repair your system and when it’s time to shop for a replacement unit.


When to Replace Your Cooling Tower

The general rule is that if you’re facing a repair that costs more than 60 percent of purchasing a new cooling tower, you’re better off with a replacement.

However, that isn’t the only circumstance in which you might consult with an HVAC specialist regarding a new system. Upgrading your cooling tower can improve overall performance and will come with a warranty to eliminate costly repairs for the first years of ownership.

Speaking with an industry professional who gets to know your organization’s needs and the available cooling towers on the market today, you can make an informed decision that’s right for your equipment, facility, and needs.

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