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How to choose the right commercial HVAC system in San Antonio, TX
December 14, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How to choose the right commercial HVAC system in San Antonio, TX

Creating a comfortable environment is more important than providing ambiance or comfy chairs for your employees. An adequately maintained environment improves productivity for your workers and makes it easier for customers to shop longer. It’s essential that you choose the right commercial HVAC system in San Antonio, TX for your business so your team can work hard and customers comfortably shop. If you’re looking to upgrade your system but aren’t sure where to start, our team at Caldwell Mechanical Services has a few things to think about during the process.


You don’t have to buy the most expensive HVAC system to effectively control the climate in your office, warehouse, or store. Consider the size of the unit that you need to buy and look at prices among comparable units. Find a balance in pricing and features that work for your business and budget without sacrificing what you need.

Air quality

The quality of air at your business is essential. By skimping on a commercial HVAC system unit that puts out quality air, you could be losing more money as your team is getting sick more often and taking more time off. Furthermore, you could lose customers if they don’t feel comfortable breathing the air in your store. They might leave feeling like there’s a strange smell, or they have asthma or allergies exacerbated by dusty air. Account for how your employees and customers will feel with quality air circulating through your business.


The location of your HVAC system is vital because you’re going to want to make sure that you have enough airflow in specific areas of your business. For instance, you might have an area where you store temperature-sensitive items like computers. If you have a large computer server onsite, the room must stay cool so the system doesn’t overheat. You’ll want to place your HVAC system near the server room to ensure climate control.

A building that has different requirements throughout might require two HVAC systems. Installing two systems in a building can make it much easier to monitor the climate throughout. You can have a system dedicated to cooling your server, while the other regulates the areas where your employees work or customers shop.

Energy efficiency

You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune on climate control for your business. It’s essential that you find a commercial HVAC system that maintains a comfortable environment without breaking the bank. Look at energy efficiency with each system you’re shopping for so you don’t have to feel like you have to run your unit at a borderline uncomfortable temperature to save money.


Read reviews and ask about how reliable systems are before you make any purchases. You might find an HVAC system that is competitively priced and fits well within your budget. While the low price is great, you’ll more than make up for the difference in cost by constantly paying for repairs. You can save money in the end by purchasing a system that is more expensive with upfront costs but is much more reliable and cheaper to maintain.

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