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Ardmore HVAC Maintenance: Predictive Versus Preventative
February 23, 2022 at 10:30 PM
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Your HVAC system likely doesn’t cross your mind until it stops working. A broken HVAC system will quickly become your top priority during the most extreme weather in winter or summer. Unfortunately, that is also when it can be hardest to find a technician to perform repairs. With multiple maintenance strategies, you can avoid an uncomfortable home or business. Understanding predictive and preventative maintenance cycles will keep your HVAC system in prime condition all year round.

Preventative maintenance for HVAC systems

Changing the filters on furnace and air conditioning units is usually part of any home or business owner’s seasonal routine. But preventative maintenance for HVAC goes further than the simple tasks that a property owner can do on their own. Working with a skilled HVAC company ensures you get the scheduled maintenance you need for your system to keep working during high-demand seasons.

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What does preventative maintenance include?

In Ardmore, OK, the temperature ranges from triple-digits during the summers to single digits in the winter. These swings can stress even the most robust HVAC system, which is why preventative maintenance is crucial. Here are some of the things included in HVAC preventative maintenance in Ardmore, OK:

  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Inspecting for leaks in refrigerant, gas connections,
  • Checking and replacing filters
  • Lubrication for moving parts
  • Testing the thermostat and ensuring proper cycling

Preventative maintenance also meets manufacturer requirements to maintain the warranty. Most systems benefit from regularly scheduled maintenance twice a year to prepare an HVAC system for the brutal temperatures in the summer and winter.

Why should you schedule preventative maintenance?

Besides maintaining your warranty on your system, there are many benefits of remembering to schedule maintenance twice a year. It enables you to anticipate the system will be down and for how long. You’ll also get plenty of forewarning about parts that may be about to fail or aren’t working optimally.

Predictive HVAC maintenance

Predictive HVAC maintenance evaluates every unique system for the parts that are most likely to fail. It uses data to predict when your system may need repair and allows technicians to schedule maintenance appointments at the ideal time. During those appointments, HVAC workers only schedule the necessary maintenance, making more efficient use of their time and optimizing the downtime for your HVAC system.

What’s included in predictive maintenance?

Preventative maintenance performs the same tasks on every system. However, predictive maintenance only does what’s necessary to keep a system operating at peak efficiency by replacing and maintaining parts prone to getting worn out and failing.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Performance analytics
  • Replacement of parts that aren’t operating at peak efficiency
  • Pre-emptive servicing to avoid shut-down

Predictive maintenance doesn’t require unnecessary servicing but allows you to schedule repairs and downtime for your HVAC system.

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Why should you use predictive maintenance?

Combining preventative and predictive maintenance allows you to avoid a catastrophic failure in your HVAC system. Predictive maintenance ensures your system operates at peak efficiency, which is crucial to maintain the correct temperature in your home or business without costing a lot of money.

If your energy costs increase year after year, changing your maintenance schedule can help you return your system to running efficiently and cost-effectively.

Caldwell Mechanical Services provides Ardmore, OK, with skilled preventative HVAC maintenance.

Caldwell Mechanical Services provides skilled HVAC maintenance and repair backed by a hundred years of experience. We work with residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Oklahoma and Texas to deliver innovative, energy-saving solutions for heating and cooling. Our team prides itself on delivering industry-leading service while providing exceptional home and business climate control solutions. We work with our clients to provide predictable energy costs to make running a business or heating your home reliable and straightforward.

If you’re dealing with skyrocketing energy costs or a home or business that isn’t the right temperature, we can help with preventative HVAC maintenance.

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